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Royal Naval Biography/Gambier, Robert

[Post-Captain of 1814.]

Second son of the late Commissioner Samuel Gambier, R.N. by Jane, youngest daughter of Daniel Mathew, of Felix Hall, CO. Essex. Esq[1].

This officer was born at Wateringbury, co. Kent, Aug. 3, 1791. He entered the royal navy Aug. 3, 1804, and served as midshipman on board the Diadem 64, under Sir Home Popham, at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope, Buenos Ayres, and Maldonado. On his return from South America, he joined the Surveillante frigate, and was present in that ship, at the surrender of the Danish navy. In 1809, he assisted at the capture of le Milan French corvette, of 18 guns and 115 men; and la Comtesse Laure privateer, of 14 guns and 55 men[2]. His promotion to the rank of lieutenant took place Sept. 5, 1810; on which occasion he was appointed to the Caledonia 110, bearing the flag of his uncle. Admiral Lord Gambier. His subsequent appointments were to the Loire frigate and Edinburgh 74, from which latter ship he was promoted to the command of the Pelorus brig, on the Mediterranean station, Sept. 30, 1812.

Captain Gambler’s post commission bears date June 6, 1814. In the summer of 1815, we find him commanding the Myrmidon 20, under the orders of Captain Frederick L. Maitland, and employed by that officer in blockading the Maumusson passage until the surrender of Napoleon Bounaparte, when he accompanied the Bellerophon to England, bringing with him several French officers, &c. belonging to the fallen chieftain’s suite.

In Oct. 1815 Captain Gambier re-commissioned the Myrmidon, and he continued to command her on the peace establishment for a period of three years. In 1820, he was appointed an Inspecting Commander of the Revenue Coast Guard; and in June, 1825, to the command of the Pyramus 42, in which frigate he sailed for Vera Cruz, Oct. 21 following, having on board Mr. Morier, H.M. commissioner to the republic of Mexico, and Sir Robert Ker Porter, consul-general to Columbia. He resigned the Pyramus, in consequence of the illness of his lady, about July, 1826.

Captain Gambier married, Oct. 27, 1816, Caroline Gore, fourth daughter of Major-General Gore Browne, Lieutenant-Governor of Plymouth, and commandant of the western district. By that lady, who died at Malta, Mar. 10, 1827, he had issue one son and three daughters. One of his brothers, Edward John, is a barrister-at-law; another, George Cornish, a captain in the royal navy; and a third, Frederick, rector of East Compton, in Dorsetshire.

Agent.– T. Collier, Esq.

  1. Commissioner Gambier died May 11, 1813.
  2. See Vol. II. Part II. p. 521.