Royal Naval Biography/Gape, Joseph


Son of a clergyman and magistrate, resident at St. Albans, co. Herts.

In Aug. 1809, we find this officer serving as midshipman of the Amphion frigate. Captain William Hoste, at the capture and destruction of six gun-boats and seven merchant vessels, in the port of Cortelazzo, situated between Venice and Trieste[1]. He was also employed in her boats at the capture of the town of Grao, and 25 vessels with valuable cargoes, June 29th, 1810[2]. His first commission bears date Mar. 19th, 1811; and he appears to have obtained his present rank, while serving as flag-lieutenant to Rear-Admiral William Brown, on the Jamaica station, Feb. 16th, 1814. From that period until Oct. 1815, he commanded the Snake sloop, of 18 guns.