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Royal Naval Biography/Gilmour, John


Obtained his first commission in Sept. 1801; and was senior lieutenant of the Caroline frigate, at the capture of Banda-Neira, the chief of the Dutch Spice Islands, Aug. 9th, 1810. In the official report of that conquest, made by Captain (now Sir Christopher) Cole to Rear-Admiral Drury, there appears the following passage:

“The colours of Forts Nassau and Belgica will be presented to your excellency by Lieutenant John Gilmour, who has served nine years in this country as a lieutenant, and a large portion of that time as first lieutenant under my command. Although labouring under severe illness, he took charge of the ship on my quitting her; and his seaman-like and zealous conduct in the discharge of his trust was most conspicuous.”

Lieutenant Gilmour’s promotion to the rank of commander did not take place until July 1st, 1811. He died in the year 1823.