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Royal Naval Biography/Glynn, Henry Richard

Rear-Admiral of the Blue.

This officer was a Lieutenant in 1790; served as such on board the Royal George, a first rate, bearing the flag of the late Lord Bridport, in the actions of June 1, 1794, and June 23, 1795[1]; and subsequently commanded the Scourge sloop of war, in which vessel he captured la Furet, French privateer of 10 guns and 50 men, and continued until promoted to the rank of Post-Captain, April 10, 1797. Towards the conclusion of the war, he was appointed to the Amethyst frigate; and during some part of the late contest, commanded the Vanguard, of 74 guns, on the Baltic station. He was advanced to the rank of Rear-Admiral, July 19, 1821. Mrs. Glynn died, Dec. 7, 1821.