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Royal Naval Biography/Godfrey, William M‘Kenzie

[Post-Captain of 1822.]

Son of Peter Godfrey, of East Bergholt, in Suffolk, Esq. and nephew to Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Rowley, K.C.B.

This officer passed his examination in Oct. 1809; obtained the rank of lieutenant, Jan. 8, 1810; and was promoted to the command of the Emulous brig, on the Halifax station, Feb. 2, 1813. In the course of the same year, he reported to Sir John B. Warren the destruction of three small American privateers, in Machias and Passamaquaddy bays. His subsequent appointments were, July 22, 1814, to the Arachne of 18 guns, in which vessel we find him conducting the port duties at Gibraltar, in the spring of 1816; and Nov. 18, 1820, to the Surinam sloop, fitting at Chatham, for the Jamaica station, where he was serving when advanced to post rank,July 19, 1822.

Agents.– Messrs. Chard.