Royal Naval Biography/Hendry, William

[Post-Captain of 1822.]

Was made lieutenant July 11, 1801, promoted from the Argo 44, to the command of the Forrester brig, on the Jamaica station, April: 27, 1814; and posted while commanding the Doterel 18, on the Halifax station, July 19, 1822.

Captain Hendry has recently invented an ingenious piece of iron work which he terms a heel brace, and which is applicable to the lower part of a rudder, in case the lower pintles are broken by the ship grounding, or from any other casualty. To provide for the whole of the pintles going, he proposes that ships should likewise be furnished with a hoop or cap, to embrace the head of the rudder, into which the tiller is to be shipped, which will render the rudder as effectually serviceable as ever. Captain Hendry also suggests a new mode of making a temporary rudder, to which the above heel brace and clasp hoop are to be attached, the whole of which can be put together in a short time, and without the need of a forge.

Agent.– Sir F. M. Ommanney.