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Royal Naval Biography/Gordon, Henry

[Post-Captain of 1805.]

This officer received his first commission in 1798; obtained the rank of Commander in 1802; and was posted for his gallant defence of the Wolverene, mounting 13 guns, with a complement of 76 men, against the Blonde, French privateer, of 30 guns and 240 men, by which ship he was attacked when on his way to Newfoundland with a convoy, Mar. 28, 1804. The Wolverene on that occasion had 5 men killed and 10 wounded: the remainder of her crew had not been long removed before she went to the bottom.

Captain Gordon appears to have been many years a prisoner in France. The manner in which he returned from that country has been variously stated. We shall probably be enabled to speak more confidently on the subject in our Addenda. His post commission bears date April 8, 1805.