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Royal Naval Biography/Grant, Richard

[Captain of 1828.]

Was made a lieutenant in Oct. 1805; but we find no further mention made of him previous to June 1813, when he was appointed first of the Blenheim 74, Captain Samuel Warren. He subsequently served under Captain Edward Pelham Brenton, in the Royal Sovereign of 100 guns; and as first of the Tonnant 80, bearing the flag of Sir Benjamin Hallowell, on the Irish station. His commission as commander bears date Nov. 7th, 1818; and he appears to have obtained the honor of knighthood, on the presentation, we believe, of a civic address, in the summer of 1820. On the 17th of May, 1827, he was appointed to the Hussar 46, Captain Edward Boxer, bearing the flag of Sir Charles Ogle, on the Halifax station; and, at the expiration of twelve months from that period, promoted to the command of the Tyne 28, which ship he paid off, at Portsmouth, June 11th, 1830.

Agent.– J. Hinxman, Esq.