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Royal Naval Biography/Hamlyn, Charles


Second son of Sir James Hamlyn-Williams, Bart, (of Edwinsford, co. Carmarthen, and Clovelly Court, in Devonshire), by Diana Anne, daughter of Abraham Whittaker, of Stratford, co. Essex, Esq.

This officer entered the royal navy in Aug. 1803; obtained the rank of lieutenant in April, 1811; served for some time under the flag of Sir W. Sidney Smith; and was made a commander on the 27th Aug. 1814.


(Formerly Charles Hamlyn, Esq. See Vol. IV. Part I. p. 330.)

Was appointed to the Racehorse, of 18 guns, Sept. 21st, 1830; and removed from that sloop to the Champion 18, which vessel he paid off June 23d, 1832. He obtained the rank of captain on the 4th of the following month, as a reward “for important services at Jamaica during the late insurrection of the slaves;” and married, Aug. 15th, 1833, Harriet, youngest daughter of the late Sir Nelson Rycroft, Bart.