Royal Naval Biography/Hardy, John Oakes

[Post-Captain of 1807.]

Was made a Post-Captain Nov. 22, 1790; and subsequently commanded the Thisbe frigate, Assistance of 50 guns, St. Albans 64, and Achille, Courageux, and Zealous, third rates. The Thisbe was present at the capture of l’Elisabeth French frigate, of 36 guns and 297 men, on the American station, Aug. 28, 1796.

In Sept. 1806, Captain Hardy was tried by a court-martial on charges preferred against him by his second lieutenant, the late Captain William Stewart, viz. for drunkenness, tyranny, and oppression; the former charge being fully proved, he was dismissed his Majesty’s service. His restoration to post rank took place June 24, 1807; and the out-pension of Greenwich Hospital was bestowed upon him in Nov. 1809.

Agents.– Messrs. Maude.