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[Captain of 1830.]

Is the son of a clergyman, and nephew to the celebrated Warren Hastings, Esq. He passed his examination in Nov. 1809; obtained the rank of lieutenant in Jan. 1810; and afterwards served in the Badger brig, of 10 guns, Captain John Lampen Manley, from which vessel he was removed to the Hyacinth, post-sloop, successively commanded by Captains Thomas Ussher and Alexander R. Sharpe, on the Mediterranean station. For his bravery on many occasions, but more particularly for his highly distinguished conduct at Malaga (April 29th, 1812) and Port Nouvelle (Nov. 9th 1813) he had the honor of being officially mentioned, in terms of the warmest approbation, by the “Undaunted Ussher”; with whom he subsequently served, as first lieutenant of the frigate which conveyed Napoleon Buonaparte to Elba[1].

In Oct. 1815, the latter ship, which had then for some time been commanded by Captain Charles Thurlow Smith, was put out of commission, and Lieutenant Hastings was not again called into service until June 1817, when we find him joining the Icarus sloop, Captain the Hon. C. O. Bridgeman, fitting out for the South American station, where it appears he left that vessel, in Jan. 1819. His next appointment was, Oct. 27th, 1821, to be first of the Euryalus frigate, Captain (now Sir Augustus) Clifford, C.B., under whom he served until promoted to the rank of commander. May 9th, 1825. In the beginning of Nov. 1828, he was appointed to the Ferret sloop; and on the 22d July 1830, whilst employed in the Mediterranean, advanced to the rank of captain.

Agents.– Sir F. M. Ommanney and Son.