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Royal Naval Biography/Hatley, John

[Post-Captain of 1802.]

This officer was made a Lieutenant by Sir Robert Harland, and appointed to the Active frigate, on the East India station, in 1782. His exemplary conduct as first Lieutenant of the St. George, when a mutiny existed on board that ship, off Cadiz, in July 1797, and for Which he was deservedly promoted to the rank of Commander, has already been noticed in the first part of this volume, at p. 23, et seq. He subsequently commanded the Winchelsea, a 32-gun frigate, armed en flute, and employed in the conveyance of troops to Jamaica and the Mediterranean; on which latter station his services obtained him the gold medal of the Turkish Order of the Crescent. He formed part of the procession at the funeral of Britain’s idol, the immortal Nelson; and afterwards served as Captain of the Boadicea frigate, and Raisonable 64, in the Indian seas.

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