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Royal Naval Biography/Hay, James

[Post-Captain of 1819.]

Obtained the rank of lieutenant. Mar. 1st, 1836; and, while serving as first of the Amaranthe sloop, commanded the boats of a squadron under Captain F. A. Collier, at the destruction of la Cygne, French national brig, of 18 guns and 140 men, laden with flour, guns, &c. for the relief of Martinique, Dec. 13, 1808[1]. During the operations afterwards carried on for the reduction of that island, he acted as commander of the Amaranthe, in the absence of Captain E. P. Brenton, then serving on shore with the army. His promotion to that rank took place May 2, 1810 ; on which occasion he was appointed to the Papillon brig, of 16 guns, afterwards employed on the Mediterranean station. His post commission bears date, Aug. 12, 1819.

Agent.– J. Clementson, Esq.