Royal Naval Biography/Hay, James Beckford Lewis


Entered the royal navy in 1810; passed his examination, at Sheerness, in Feb. 1816; and was made a lieutenant into the Tees 20, Captain George Rennie, at St. Helena, April 10th, 1819. His subsequent appointments were, Aug. 1st, 1821, to the Ramillies 74, Captain (now Sir Edward) Brace, stationed at Portsmouth; – Nov. 26th, 1822, to the Gloucester 74, bearing the broad pendant of Commodore (now Rear-Admiral) Sir Edward W. C. R. Owen, with whom he proceeded to the West Indies; – and Dec. 8th, 1828, to be flag-lieutenant to the same officer, in the Southampton 52, on the East India station. He was made commander into that ship, Oct. 14th, 1832; and paid off from her, at Chatham, Jan. 21st, 1833.