Royal Naval Biography/Hellard, Samuel


Passed his examination in Aug. 1808; obtained his first commission on the 29th Oct. 1810 ; and subsequently served in the Podargus 14, Benbow 74, and Scout 18. The following is taken from the Naval Chronicle for 1815, vol. 34, p. 163:

“A court-martial was lately held on Lieutenant S. Hellard, late of H.M. sloop Scout, for threatening to shoot or drown T. Smith, who had deserted from the said vessel, if he returned; and for disrespect to Captain James Arthur Murray. The court were of opinion that the charges were proved against the said Lieutenant S. Hellard; but, in consideration of his former high character, did only adjudge him to be most severely reprimanded, and to be placed at the bottom of the list of lieutenants of H.M. navy.”

This officer was advanced to his present rank on the 22d July 1830, and appointed an inspecting commander of the coast-guard, April 13th, 1831.