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Royal Naval Biography/Higman, Henry

[Post-Captain of 1817.]

Obtained the rank of lieutenant, Sept. 3, 1603; and was wounded while serving as second of the Arethusa, Captain (now Sir Charles) Brisbane, in action with the Pomona Spanish frigate, near the More castle, Aug. 23, 1806. He was made commander in consequence of the capture of Curaçoa, by commission dated Feb. 23, 1807 ; and afterwards successively appointed to the Rattler, Gluckstadt, Fly, and Brisk, sloops of war. The Fly he had the misfortune to lose, by her striking on a reef near the island of Anholt, Feb. 29, 1812. His promotion to post rank took place Jan. 1, 1817; the anniversary of the above conquest.

Agent.– J. Hinxman, Esq.