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Royal Naval Biography/Hollinworth, John

[Post-Captain of 1811.]

Son of M. Hollinworth, Esq. many years a clerk of the Admiralty, and brother to Thomas Hollinworth, Esq. naval storekeeper at Devonport.

This officer was made a lieutenant in 1802, and advanced to the rank of commander Jan. 22, 1806. On the 16th July, 1808, the Minstrel sloop, then under his command, captured the Italian schooner Ortenzia, pierced for 16 guns, but carrying only two long 24-pounders, six long nines, and two 3-pounder swivels. His post commission bears date April 3, 1811.

Captain Hollinworth married, in 1808, the daughter of John Jackson, Esq. Master Attendant at Portsmouth.

Agents.– Messrs. Stilwell.