Royal Naval Biography/Home, James Everard


Eldest son of the late Sir Everard Home, Bart., F.R.S., Sergeant-Surgeon to His Majesty, and Physician of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, by Jane, daughter and co-heir of the Rev. James Tunstall, D.D.

This officer, who is of ancient Scottish lineage, was born in Sackville Street, Piccadilly, on the 25th Oct. 1798; received his education at Westminster School; and first embarked as midshipman on board the Euryalus frigate, Captain the Hon. George H. L. Dundas, about to sail for the Mediterranean station, April 10th, 1810. We next find him, in Aug. 1812, joining the Malta 80, flag-ship of the late Sir Benjamin Hallowell Carew, with whom he returned home, after the conclusion of hostillities with France, in 1814. He subsequently served under the flag of the same distinguished officer, on board the Tonnant 80, at Cork. In Nov. 1817;, he was removed to the Sybille frigate, fitting out for the flag of Sir Home Popham, commander-in-chief on the Jamaica station, where he appears to have been promoted into the Pique 36, Captain John Mackellar, July 14th, IH18. His next appointment was. May 17th, 1821, to the Helicon 10, Commander William Robert Dawkins, in which sloop he continued on the home station, until advanced to his present rank, Jan. 29th, 1822. He became a F.R.S. in April 1825; succeeded to the baronetcy on the demise of his father, Aug. 31st, 1832; and was appointed to the Racehorse sloop, fitting out for the West India station, Feb. 1st, 1834. His brother, William Archibald, is in holy orders; his eldest sister, Jane, is married to Captain Henry Forbes, and his youngest, Charlotte, to Captain Bernard Yeoman, both of the royal navy[1].

  1. The late Sir Everard Home was one of the most eminent medical men of his day: he embraced the profession of physic at an early age, and practised with the greatest success in the metropolis for more than forty years.