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Royal Naval Biography/Hoste, Thomas Edward

[Captain of 1830.]

Brother to the late Captain Sir William Hoste, Bart, and K.C.B., under whom he appears to have served his time as midshipman, on board the Amphion and Bacchante frigates. On the 27th Aug. 1809, he was employed in the boats of the former ship, at the capture of an enemy’s convoy, in the port of Cortelazzo, situated between Venice and Trieste. On the 29th of June in the following year, he assisted in capturing and destroying sixteen vessels laden with naval stores, in the harbour of Groa. On the 13th Mar. 1811, he was wounded in action with a squadron of French frigates, near Lissa. On the 6th Jan. 1813, he bore a conspicuous part at the capture of three gun-vessels, near Otranto. And, on the 12th June, he distinguished himself in a successful attack upon ten gun-vessels and fourteen sail of merchantmen, on the coast of Abruzza. His promotion to the rank of lieutenant took place July 4th, 1814; he obtained a commission as commander in Jan. 1826; and was made a captain Feb. 26th, 1830.

Agent.– C. Clementson, Esq.