Royal Naval Biography/Hunn, Frederick

Harbour Master at Malta.
[Post-Captain of 1822.]

Son of Mr. Hunn, once a respectable linen-draper at Exeter, but afterwards an actor, by a gentlewoman nearly related to the Sheridan family, and who had been twice before married – first, to George Canning, Esq. barrister-at-law, the father of our late Prime Minister; and secondly, to Mr. Reddish, a performer of great celebrity.

This officer was made lieutenant, April 5, 1811; appointed to the Royal George, a first rate. Captain Thomas F. C. Mainwaring, on the Mediterranean station, April 10, 1813 ; and promoted to the rank of commander, Aug. 27, 1814. His subsequent appointments were, Aug. 14, 1818, to the Redwing brig, of 18 guns, fitting for the St. Helena station; and June 25, 1822, to the Pandora of similar force, from which sloop he was posted, while serving at Newfoundland; and Nov. 28, 1823, to the Tweed 28, equipping for the Jamaica station, where he captured, in 1826, a fine schooner, with 276 slaves on board. He obtained post rank, Dec. 26, 1822; and the office of Harbour Master, at Malta, in July, 1828.

Captain Hunn married, Oct. 15th, 1814, Emma, only daughter of Vice-Admiral Francis Pickmore, who, on the day before he died[1], wrote a letter to Viscount Melville, in which he warmly recommended his son-in-law to that nobleman’s future patronage.