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Royal Naval Biography/Inglis, Charles (b)


Eldest son of the late Commissioner Charles Inglis, R.N., who died at Ryde, in the Isle of Wight, Feb. 27th, 1833.

This officer was made a lieutenant, July 1st, 1814, at the request, we believe, of the Emperor Alexander, whose attention is said to have been particularly attracted when reviewing the British fleet at Spithead, by a boat belonging to Captain Inglis presenting the miniature appearance of a perfect man-of-war. He subsequently served under Captains Francis Newcombe, Robert Tait, and Charles M. Schomberg, in the Chesapeake frigate, Larne 20, and Rochfort 80, the latter ship bearing the flag of Si. Graham Moore, commander-in-chief on the Mediterranean station. He obtained his present rank on the 23d April, 1829.