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Royal Naval Biography/Ingram, Nicholas

[Superannuated Rear-Admiral.]

This officer was made a Lieutenant by Admiral Byron in 1778, and appointed to the Royal Oak, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Hyde Parker, who promoted him to the rank of Commander in 1780; from which period he commanded the Star brig until the peace of 1783. His next appointment was in Oct. 1790, to the Shark sloop of war; and on the 3d of the following month he became a Post-Captain. From 1797 till the peace of Amiens; and from the renewal of the war in 1803 till the date of his superannuation as a Rear-Admiral (May 21, 1808), he commanded the Weymouth district of Sea Fencibles. He married, in 1811, Elizabeth Ann, daughter of the late Booth, Esq. of Bristol.

Residence.– Burton Bradstock, Bridport, Devon.