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Royal Naval Biography/Jackson, George Vernon


Eldest brother of Commander Caleb Jackson, R.N. This officer obtained his first commission on the 18th Aug. 1809; and was second lieutenant of the Junon 38, Captain John Shortland, when that frigate, after a noble defence, was captured and destroyed by a French squadron, to the N.E. of Guadaloupe, Dec. 13th, 1809[1]. He arrived at Brest on the 23d of the following month, in la Renommée frigate. Commodore Roquebert. From this period, we find no mention of him until July 1st, 1812, when he was appointed to the Indefatigable 44, Captain John Fyffe, in which ship he was serving subsequent to the peace with France in 1814. His next appointment appears to have been to the command of the Serapis, convalescent ship at Jamaica, Dec. 23d, 1818. He was promoted to his present rank on the 13th July, 1824; and returned home from the West India station, in command of the Pylades sloop, with the Bishop of Jamaica passenger, and a valuable freight of dollars and cochineal on merchants’ account, Feb. 10th, 1828.