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Served as midshipman on board la Concorde frigate, Captain Sir Richard J. Strachan; obtained his first commission in 1793; and lost an arm at the battle of Copenhagen, which circumstance was thus noticed by Lord Nelson, in a letter to the Earl of St. Vincent, May 8th, 1801:

“At the commencement of the action, Johnson was second lieutenant of the Edgar 74; but the first being very soon killed, he acted as such until his left arm was shot off. He refused the idea of being sent to England, and hoped that Captain Murray would be content with the first lieutenant’s duty being done by a one-armed officer. He is now perfectly recovered, and doing his duty as first lieutenant: all his conduct has been so highly creditable, that I should be unjust not to recommend him to your lordship’s protection.”

And in a private letter, the hero, again speaking of him, says, “He is an excellent officer and a good man. In nine days from the loss of his arm he returned to his duty as first lieutenant.”

Mr. Johnson’s promotion to the rank of commander took place April 27th, 1801; and a pension for the loss of his limb was granted to him on the 19th Oct. following. He died in 1830.