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Royal Naval Biography/Jones, Alexander

[Post-Captain of 1811.]

Ninth son of Charles, fourth Viscount Ranelagh (in the Irish Peerage).

This officer was born Mar. 9, 1778; and we first find him serving as a midshipman on board the Providence of 16 guns, commanded by the late Captain William R. Broughton, with whom he proceeded to Nootka Sound, &c. &c. &c. [1]. It will be seen by reference to the note at p. 222 of Suppl. Part I, that he was serving as a Lieutenant of the Sceptre 64, when that ship was driven on shore and totally wrecked in Table Bay, Nov. 5, 1799. His commission was confirmed about May, 1799.

In 1804, Lieutenant Jones, then second of the Naiad frigate, had a violent quarrel with Mr. Dean, senior Lieutenant of that ship, whom he struck on the quarter-deck. The parties were tried by a court-martial, at Plymouth, June 15; when it being proved that Lieutenant Dean had behaved in an ungentlemanly manner to his messmate, he was dismissed his Majesty’s service; and Lieutenant Jones, for striking his superior officer, was sentenced to be shot, but strongly recommended to mercy. His sovereign’s free pardon was communicated to him on the tenth day after the trial; and he was immediately restored to his former rank in the service. His promotion to the rank of Commander took place, Jan. 22, 1806.

In June 1809, Captain Jones, then in the Talbot sloop of war, captured the Lovén, a small Danish privateer, off the Naze of Norway. He obtained post rank, Aug. 1, 1811; and subsequently commanded the Levant of 20 guns. Captain Jones married, in 1807 ___[2]

Agents.– Messrs. Maude & Co.

  1. See Vol. II. Part II. pp. 865–868.
  2. Manuscript note: she was Caroline, daughter of Thomas Palmer Esq. of Hambeldon.