Royal Naval Biography/Jones, Richard

[Post-Captain of 1802.]

This officer was first Lieutenant of the Defence 74, commanded by the late Rear-Admiral John Peyton, in the memorable battle off the Nile[1], and obtained the rank of Commander for his conduct on that occasion. We subsequently find him commanding the Diligence sloop of war; the Chepstow district of Sea Fencibles; and the flag-ships of the late Vice-Admiral Thomas Wells[2], and the present Sir Manley Dixon. His post commission bears date April 29, 1802.

  1. See Vol. I, p. 181. The Defence had 4 men killed and 11 wounded. Rear-Admiral Peyton died at Priestland, near Lymington, Hants, Aug. 2, 1809.
  2. Vice-Admiral Wells died at Holme, in Huntingdonshire, Oct. 31, 1811.