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Royal Naval Biography/Kippen, George

[Post-Captain of 1814.]

Was born in 1781. He entered the navy in 1796, and served as midshipman on board the Captain 74, bearing the broad pendant of Commodore Nelson, at the defeat of the Spanish fleet off Cape St. Vincent, Feb. 14, 1797. He also fought under the same hero at Teneriffe, the Nile, and Trafalgar. We subsequently find him serving under Sir Alexander Cochrane, on the Leeward Islands station, where, he was promoted to the command of the Peruvian brig, Aug. 21, 1812. In that vessel he captured, after an anxious chase pf 15 hours, and a running fight of some duration, the American privateer ship John, of 16 guns and 100 men. He obtained post rank Oct. 1, 1814; and died, in Scotland, Aug. 21, 1826.