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Royal Naval Biography/Langford, George

[Post-Captain of 1808.]

On the 2d Mar. 1808, Captain Langford, then commanding the Sappho brig, of 18 guns and 120 men, on the North Sea station, captured the Admiral Yawl, a Danish brig of 28 guns and 83 men, victualled and stored for five months. This vessel was of a very unusual construction, her guns being mounted on two decks, viz., 12 eighteen-pounder carronades on one, and 16 long sixes on the other. She maintained a clone action for half an hour, during which her second officer and 1 seaman were killed. The Sappho had only 2 men wounded, one; of whom was the pilot. Captain Langford was promoted to post rank immediately his official letter reached the Admiralty. His commission bears date Mar. 5, 1808.