Royal Naval Biography/Lapidge, Frederick William


We first find this officer serving as mate on board the Imperieuse frigate, Captain the Hon. Henry Duncan, by whom he was ordered to act as master of that ship, Dec. 27th, 1811; as lieutenant of the same, April 24th, 1813; and as lieutenant of the Swallow sloop, Sept. 9th, 1813. He obtained his first commission on the 9th April, 1814; and subsequently served in the Tay and Raleigh sloops. We next find him appointed, June 27th, 1822, to the Superb 78, Captain Adam M‘Kenzie, stationed as a guard-ship at Plymouth. He commanded the Leveret brig, employed on various services, from Dec. 1831 until advanced to his present rank, Oct. 2d, 1833; and is now commander of the Ringdove sloop, on the Plymouth station.

This officer married, in 1817, a sister of Captain William Elliot, R.N., C.B.