Royal Naval Biography/Le Vesconte, Philip


A son of the late Mr. Philip Le Vesconte, who lost a leg in Earl Howe’s action, June 1st, 1794, and died purser of the Royal William 84, flag-ship at Spithead, May 25th, 1807.

This officer was wounded on board the Monarch 74, Captain James Robert Mosse, at the battle of Copenhagen, April 2d, 1801; and wrecked in the Magnificent 74, Captain William Henry Jervis, near Brest, March 25th, 1804; on which latter occasion eighty-six of his shipmates were taken prisoners. He obtained the rank of lieutenant in May, 1801; and served for several years, previous to and since the peace, as first of the Elephant and Queen 74’s, the former ship commanded by the present Rear-Admiral Austen, in the North Sea and Baltic; the latter bearing the flag of the late Sir Charles V. Penrose, on the Mediterranean station. His commission as commander bears date Nov. 7th, 1816.