Royal Naval Biography/Leigh, Jodrell

[Captain of 1829.]

Was a midshipman of the Leander 50, Captain (now Sir John) Talbot, at the capture of la Ville de Milan French frigate, Feb. 23d, 1805[1]. His first commission bears date Feb. 29th, 1808; and he subsequently served as lieutenant on board the Dryad 36, Captain Edward Galwey; the Bonne Citoyenne 20, successively commanded by Captains Pitt Burnaby Greene and Augustus W. J. Clifford; the Spey 20, Captain John Lake; the Falmouth 20, Captains Robert W. G. Festing and George F. Rich; and the Sybille 44, bearing the flag of Sir Home Popham, on the Jamaica station, where he was promoted to the command of the Bann sloop, June 12th, 1820, He returned from thence to England in the Ontario 18, which vessel arrived at Portsmouth, after a dreadfully tempestuous passage, in Dec. 1821. His promotion to the rank of captain took place June 2d, 1829.

Agent.– J. Snee, Esq.