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Royal Naval Biography/Lennock, George Gustavus

[Post-Captain of 1814.]

Was made lieutenant about May, 1795; and promoted to the rank of commander, while serving on the Jamaica station, Aug. 6, 1806. He there successively commanded tiie Mignonne and Ferret brigs.

Captain Lennock’s next appointment was, Oct. 18, 1809, to the Raven 16, in which vessel he continued upwards of four years. The following is his official account of a dashing little service performed in sight of the enemy’s fleet at Flushing, in an intricate passage, and on a lee shore, July 3, 1812:–

“When hauling over the Droograan, I perceived several of the enemy’s flotilla that had been exercising considerably to leeward in the Welling, and was induced to stand on to ascertain if there was a possibility of cutting any of the detachment off, which consisted of fourteen brigs[1]; on proceeding into the Weiling, about 6-15 p.m., found we could fetch some of them; but, from the haziness of the weather, was unable to make it known by signal, and as standing back to do so would lose the opportunity of disturbing their manoeuvres, we plied up with them as far as Wulpen, firing occasionally in passing. The wind blowing strong on shore, our superior sailing and working enabled us to overtake seven, four of which were obliged to anchor close to the surf, under their batteries; the other three were driven on shore; and, at 7-30, were still lying on the beach with the sea beating over them. Only one shot struck us, near the stern-post.”

On reconnoitring next morning. Captain Lennock found the three brigs still on the beach, and apparently bilged. “His quickness in deciding on this attack, and his skill and spirit in executing it,” obtained him very high approbation.

On the 21st Jan. 1814, this officer was appointed to the Esk corvette, of 20 guns, which ship he paid off, and recommissioned for the Jamaica station, in Sept. 1815. His post commission bears date June 4, 1814.

Captain Lennock married, in 1829, Anne, eldest daughter of J. Walker, of Crawfordtown, Esq.

  1. Each armed with 3 or 4 long 24-pounders.