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Royal Naval Biography/Lewis, Francis James

[Captain of 1830.]

We first find this officer acting as second lieutenant of the Wasp sloop. Captain John Simpson; the remarkable escape of which vessel, from the celebrated Rochefort squadron, in Aug. 1805, has been recorded in p. 55 of Suppl. Part II. His appointment appears to have been confirmed by the Admiralty on the 11th of the ensuing month. During the last year of the war between Great Britain and America, he served as senior lieutenant of the Saturn 56, Captain James Nash; and subsequently, in the same capacity on board the Northumberland and Vigo, 74’s, bearing the flags of Sir George Cockburn and Rear-Admiral Lambert, at St. Helena, where he received his commission as commander, dated Jan. 29th, 1821, the first anniversary of the accession of King George IV[1]. From this period he remained on half-pay until May 12th, 1827, when he was appointed to the Ocean 80, Captain Patrick Campbell, C.B., then stationed as a guard-ship at Plymouth, afterwards employed in withdrawing the British troops from Portugal, and subsequently forming part of the Mediterranean squadron. He continued in the Ocean until &he was paid off. May 15th, 1830. His promotion to the rank of captain took place on the 22d July following.

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