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Royal Naval Biography/Marshall, John Houlton


Obtained the rank of lieutenant in 1794; and was first of the Naiad frigate, Captain William Pierrepoint, at the capture of the Spanish national ship Santa-Brigida of 36 guns and 300 men, having on board 1,400,000 dollars, with a cargo of equal value, Oct. 18th, 1799[1]. We next find his name mentioned in an official letter addressed to Admiral Cornwallis, of which the following is a copy:

Naiad, in Pontevedra Bay, May 17th, 1801.

“Sir,– The boats belonging to the Naiad and Phaeton, manned by volunteer officers, seamen, and marines, under the direction of Lieutenant Marshall, highly distinguished themselves on the night of the 16th instant, by the capture of l’Alcudia, and destruction of El Raposo, armed Spanish packets, in the port of Marin, near Pontevedra, under the protection of a live-gun buttery, 24-pounders, prepared to receive them. L’Alcudia, the largest, commanded by a very old lieutenant in His Catholic Majesty’s service, was moored stem and stern close to the fort, and her sails had been sent on shore the preceding day. This service was undertaken from information that she was a corvette of 22 guns. I am happy to state, that four men only, belonging to the two ships, were wounded. I have the honor to be, &c.

(Signed)W. H. Ricketts, Captain.”

This officer was advanced to the rank of commander while serving as first of the Africa 64, in Oct. 1810; and had the misfortune to lose the Halcyon sloop, in Anato Bay, on the north side of St. Domingo. May 19th, 1814.