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Royal Naval Biography/Marshall, John Willoughby

[Post-Captain of 1810.]

Was made a Lieutenant in Sept., 1796; advanced to the rank of Commander, April 29, 1802; and appointed to the Lynx sloop in the month of June following. From this period he was actively employed on the North Sea and Baltic stations, upwards of eight years.

On the 12th Aug. 1809, a small detachment of seamen and marines from the Lynx, under the orders of Lieutenant Edward Kelly, attended by the Monkey gun-brig. Lieutenant Thomas Fitzgerald, gallantly attacked, carried, and brought out three Danish privateers, from within the reef off Dais Head, near Rostock: the enemy’s joint force amounted to 11 carriage guns, 4 howitzers, and 84 men.

Captain Marshall obtained post rank, Oct. 21, 1810; and died at Caen, in Normandy, by the bursting of a blood vessel, Jan. 22, 1824.