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Royal Naval Biography/Martin, George Bohun

[Captain of 1828.]

A Companion of the Most Honorable Military Order of the Bath; Knight of the Royal French Order of St. Louis; and Knight (2nd class) of the Imperial Russian Order of St. Anne.

This officer was appointed flag-lieutenant to Sir James H. Whitshed, commander-in-chief at Portsmouth, Mar. 17th, 1821, which is also the date of his first commission. He obtained the rank of commander in April, 1824; and had the good fortune to arrive on the Mediterranean station, in the Musquito sloop, a very short time previous to the battle of Navarin, on which occasion his vessel had two men killed and four severely wounded. The above orders were conferred upon him immediately after that event; and he was, moreover, promoted to his present rank as soon as he had served the time prescribed by the King’s Order in Council of June 30th, 1827. His commission as captain bears date April 19th, 1828.

Agents.– Messrs. Chard.