Royal Naval Biography/Martin, Henry Byam

[Post-Captain of 1827.]

A son of Admiral Sir T. Byam Martin, G.C.B., Comptroller of H.M. navy, and M.P. for Plymouth, by Catherine, fourth daughter of the late Commissioner Robert Fanshawe, R.N.

This officer was made a lieutenant Mar. 20th, 1823; appointed to the Sybille frigate. Captain (now Sir John Brooke-) Pechell, July 1st in the same year; and promoted to the rank of commander, April 8th, 1825. His commission as captain bears date April 28th, 1827, at which period he commanded the Parthian sloop, on the Mediterranean station. His sister, Catherine, is married to her first cousin, the only son of Sir Henry William Martin, Bart.