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Royal Naval Biography/Mason, Thomas Monck

[Captain of 1828.]

Obtained his first commission in Mar. 1807; was appointed to the America 74, Captain (now Sir Josias) Rowley, July 9th, 1812; and flag-lieutenant to the same officer, in the Impregnable 98, Mar. 25th, 1815; promoted to the rank of commander, June 13th in the latter year; appointed to the Victory 104, bearing the flag of Sir Robert Stopford, and commanded by Captain the Hon. George Elliot, at Portsmouth, May 12th, 1827; and advanced to his present rank. May 12th, 1828.

Captain Mason married, Nov. 26th, 1823, Mary, eldest daughter of the Hon. Sir George Grey, then Commissioner of Portsmouth Dock-yard.

Agent.– J. Copland, Esq.