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Royal Naval Biography/Milward, Clement

[Post-Captain of 1813.]

Was made lieutenant in July, 1800; commander June 14, 1809; and post-captain, into the Herald of 20 guns. May 28, 1813. In the course of the latter year he captured a French vessel laden with wine, silks, &c.; an American with a cargo of cotton and sugar; two others laden with sundries, and one in ballast.

This is the officer alluded to at p. 716 of Vol. I. Part II. from whom the late Lord Camelford took the pistol with which he shot Lieutenant Charles Peterson, of H.M.S. Perdrix, at Antigua, Jan. 13, 1798. Mr. Milward was then acting lieutenant of the Favorite sloop, under his lordship’s temporary command. The evidence given by him at the court-martial afterwards assembled to try Lord Camelford will be found in the Naval Chronicle, vol. xxii. pp. 309–312, 317, 483, and 490.

Agents.– Messrs. Cooke, Halford & Son.