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Royal Naval Biography/Mingay, William James

[Post-Captain of 1821.]

We first find this officer serving as midshipman of the Magnificent 74, Captain William Henry Jervis, when that ship was wrecked near Brest, Mar. 25, 1804. He obtained the rank of lieutenant, July 6, 1805; and served on shore with the naval brigade, under Captain Byng (now Viscount Torrington), at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope, in Jan. 1806; from which period we lose sight of him until his appointment to be first of the Eridanus frigate. Captain William King, Mar. 5, 1816. In the summer of the following year, he was senior lieutenant of the Royal George yacht, bearing the royal standard, during his present Majesty^s aquatic excursions in the neighbourhood of Portsmouth; and he subsequently commanded the Camelion brig, on the same station, upwards of three years. His first commissions as commander and post-captain bear date Oct. 2, 1817, and Jan. 29, 1822.

Captain Mingay’s next appointment was, July 22, 1824, to the Romney 50, armed en flûte, fitting as a troop-ship at Chatham. Since Jan. 8, 1825, he has commanded the Hyperion frigate, on the establishment of a third rate, lying in Newhaven harbour, for the purposes of the extended coast blockade.