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[Post-Captain of 1825.]

Eldest son of the late Admiral Sir Andrew Mitchell, K.B. whose services are recorded in the Nav. Chron. XVI. 90–107; and brother to Captains Nathaniel and Andrew Mitchell, R.N.

We first find this officer serving as an acting lieutenant on board the Cleopatra frigate. Captain Sir Robert Laurie, Bart, in her gallant but unsuccessful action with la Ville de Milan, a French ship of nearly double her size and force, Feb. 17th, 1805; on which occasion he was badly wounded[1]. He obtained the rank of lieutenant Aug. 11th, 1806; and that of commander May 24th, 1811. His subsequent appointments were, – July 27th, 1813, to the Griper sloop, of 12 guns; – Feb. 7th, 1814, to the Savage 16; from which vessel he was removed, on the 28th of the same month, to the Espiegle 16; – and, April 9th, 1823, to the Slaney 20, fitting out for the East India station. In May, 1824, he assisted at the reduction of the island of Cheduba, by a detachment from the Rangoon expedition, under the command of Brigadier Michael M‘Creagh[2]. His commission as captain bears date, April 8th, 1825.

Agent.– T. Collier, Esq.