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Royal Naval Biography/Montagu, James

[Post-Captain of 1824.]

This officer, the youngest son of the late Admiral Sir George Montagu, G.C.B., was born April 10th, 1791, and made a lieutenant Aug. 17th, 1810 ; previous to which he had assisted at the capture and destruction of a French convoy in the bay of Rosas, by the boats of the squadron under Captain Hallowell (now Sir Benjamin H. Carew)[1]. We next find him serving under Captain Murray Maxwell, at the capture of la Pomone frigate, from Corfu bound to Trieste, Nov. 29th, 1811[2]. His subsequent appointments were, Aug. 23d, 1813, to the Sceptre 74, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Cockburn, on the North American station; June 7th, 1814, to the command of the Adder sloop; Mar. 31st, 1819, to the Brisk of 10 guns; and April 9th, 1813, to the Rifleman 18; in which vessel he was serving, on the Halifax station, when promoted to the rank of captain, July 17th 1824.

Agent.– Sir F. M. Ommanney.