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Royal Naval Biography/Montagu, Montagu


Commander Montagu obtained his present rank on the 13th of June, 1815. We cannot but express our surprise that this officer, who has had the honor of holding a naval commission for twenty-eight years, should be ignorant that he is not entitled to a superior appellation; the King in Council having commanded, in 1824, that only “officers appointed to command ships of the sixth rate and upwards should in future be styled Captains.”

Had Commander Montagu, when replying to a letter written to him on the 4th of February 1834, addressed us in courteous terms, we should have felt pleasure in privately referring him to the New Naval Regulations, Chapter II. Sect. IV. Art. I.; and to the “Classes and Denominations of His Majesty’s Ships,” as given in the “Navy List, published by Authority.”