Royal Naval Biography/Moorman, Richard

Knight of the Royal Sicilian Order of St. Ferdinand and Merit.

This officer was a midshipman on board the Donegal 74, Captain (now Sir Pulteney) Malcolm, in Sir John T. Duckworth’s action, near St. Domingo, Feb. 6th, 1806. He obtained the rank of lieutenant in April, 1807; and was wounded while serving as first of the Termagant sloop. Captain H. E. P. Sturt, employed in the defence of Sicily. On the 22nd July, 1812, he commanded the boats of that sloop, at the capture of the French privateer Intrepide, of three guns and forty men, near Malaga. On the 24th Feb. 1813, a pension, since increased to 150l. per annum, was granted him for his wounds. On the 4th Mar. following, he received the royal license and permission to accept and wear the insignia of a K. F. M. (3rd class), which His Majesty Ferdinand IV. had been pleased to confer upon him, “as a testimony of the high sense entertained by the said King of the great courage and intrepidity displayed by him, in several attacks against the enemy, near Messina.” On the 15th June, 1814, he was promoted to the rank of commander.