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Royal Naval Biography/Morrison, Isaac Hawkins

[Post-Captain of 1814.]

Entered the navy under the patronage of the late Isaac Hawkins Browne, Esq. M.P. for Bridgenorth, co. Salop, D.C.L. and F.R.S. We first find him serving as an admiralty midshipman on board the Gannet brig, Captain Edward Bass, during the peace of Amiens. He was made lieutenant May 1, 1804; advanced to the rank of commander June 10, 1808; and appointed to the Achates brig, of 16 guns, Mar. 31, 1813.

On the 30th Sept. following, two of the enemy’s large frigates, le Weser and la Trave, sailed from the Texel, on a cruise off the Western Islands; but on the 16th Oct. a violent gale of wind dismasted both, and separated them from each other. The capture of le Weser has been related at p. 276 et seq.

On the morning of the 21st Oct., the Achates discovered la Trave upon her weather beam, immediately made sail in chase, and, as soon as she had fore-reached sufficiently, wore and stood for her. At 7-50 a.m. she gallantly engaged the frigate in passing, and received in return a fire that much injured her sails and rigging. At 8 a.m., a large ship was discovered bearing down. Captain Morrison instantly hauled towards her, and made the private signal; but the stranger, instead of answering it, tacked from him and hauled close to the wind. In the mean time la Trave had bore up to the eastward. At noon, then in lat. 46° 37' N. long. 7° 26' W., the Achates was again near enough to exchange shot with the enemy, and continued engaging in an advantageous position on her quarter, until about 8 a.m., when dark and squally weather concealed her from view. In this very spirited, as well as skilful, attack. Captain Morrison had the good fortune not to lose a man; the French frigate had two seamen wounded, and was soon afterwards captured by the the Andromache, Captain George Tobin[1].

On the 26th Feb. 1814, Captain Morrison witnessed the surrender of la Clorinde French frigate, of 44 guns and 360 men[2]. His post commission bears date June 7, 1814.

This officer is at present Inspecting Commander of the Revenue Coast Guard service, Tralee district, Ireland. He married, July 16, 1823, Louisa Adams, daughter of John Powell Smith, of Upper Berkeley Street, Portman Square, Esq.

Agents.– Messrs. Stilwell.