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Royal Naval Biography/Nazer, Henry


Is a nephew to Admiral John Ferrier, under whose flag he was serving at the close of the war with France, in 1814, as lieutenant of the Scarborough 74, on the North Sea station. His first commission bears date May 2d, 1808.

We next find this officer commanding the Vigilant revenue cruiser, which vessel was wrecked, through missing stays, when working out of Torbay, Dec. 5th, 1819. He lastly commanded the Badger, and, in that cruiser captured, near Dover, a large smuggling cutter, after a running fight attended with bloodshed. This prize, valued at near 30,000/., was lost to the captors, through the mismanagement of the then solicitor of the Board of Customs, who instead of prosecuting the prisoners as smugglers, tried them for piracy and murder, on which charges they were acquitted, and the vessel in consequence released. The solicitor was very properly dismissed from his office; but Lieutenant Nazer obtained no compensation, either for his disappointment or for a wound which he received while pursuing the smuggler.

This officer was advanced to his present rank on the 28th Aug. 1828. He married a Miss Woollnough.