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Royal Naval Biography/Neame, William


Was slightly wounded at the battle of St, Domingo, Feb. 6th, 1806, while serving as midshipman on board the Spencer 74, Captain the Hon. (now Sir) Robert Stopford. He obtained his first commission on the 28th June, 1808; and, as senior lieutenant of the Scout sloop. Captain A. R. Sharpe, received a severe wound in action with two French store-ships, an armed transport, a battery, and a martello tower, in the bay of Sagone, Corsica, the whole of which were destroyed, May 1st, 1811[1].

Lieutenant Neame continued in the Scout, latterly under the command of Captain J. A. Murray, until the end of the war; and subsequently rejoined Captain Sharpe, in the Hyacinth 24. He was one of the first officers appointed by the Treasury to the preventive service, in which and the coast guard he continued, we believe, from 1816 until promoted to his present rank, April 4th, 1832. He was appointed inspecting commander of the coast guard in the district of Bray, Ireland, Mar. 18th, 1834; and has lately been removed to the Dublin district, with orders for him to discharge the duties of Assistant-Inspector-General, which office has been abolished since the demise of Commander Jonathan Christian[2].

  1. See Vol. II Part II. p. 724, et seq.
  2. The Inspector-General of the Coast Guard in Ireland was a midshipman of the Hyacinth when Commander Neame was first lieutenant of that ship, and never served afloat as a commissioned officer.