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Royal Naval Biography/Newell, Julius James Farmer


Was made a lieutenant in Mar. 1815; appointed to the Pandora sloop, Captain C. G. Randolf, fitting out for the Cork station, Jan. 29th, 1819; and advanced to his present rank on the 20th Nov. 1828.

In Mar. 1834, a novel mode of transporting an anchor, projected by Commander Newell, was tried at Devonport, before the officers of H.M. dock-yard. It consisted in lashing two canvass bags of a conical shape each side, and the whole length of the shank. The base of the cone corresponded with the projection of the stock from the shank, the apex or point well secured to the crown of the anchor; the bags were inflated with air by the assistance of a pair of blacksmith’s bellows, and, when immersed in the water, caused the stock to appear above, with the ring, &c., whereon three men placed themselves, but produced little effect on the buoyancy, until the anchor had been immersed about half an hour. It was then found that the air had escaped a little, which may be accounted for, owing to the rough manner in which it was made by a common sail-maker, and the canvass being devoid of preparation. The weight of the anchor was about 17cwt. 2qrs.