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Royal Naval Biography/Northey, James Murray

[Post-Captain of 1806.]

This officer received his first commission April 23, 1783; and he was senior Lieutenant of the Salisbury 50, Captain William Mitchell, when that ship was wrecked on the Isle de Vache, St. Domingo, May 13, 1706[1]. His promotion to tlio rank of Commander took place in the year 1800.

Captain Northey was subsequently appointed to the Lutine, prison-ship, and Curlew sloop of war; the former employed on the Mediterranean station, the latter in the North Sea. In 1807, we find him regulating the Impress service at Limerick. He obtained post rank Sept. 25, 1806; and the out-pension of Greenwich Hospital July 31, 1822.

Agents.– Messrs. Clementson.

  1. The officers and crew of the Salisbury were saved by a French man of war, and detained as prisoners for a considerable period.