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Royal Naval Biography/Ormond, Francis


Was made a lieutenant on the 3d Dec. 1810; and appointed to the Endymion frigate. Captain Henry Mope, fitting out for the North American station. May 19th, 1813. He commanded a division of boats, under the orders of Captain (now Commodore) Robert Barrie, in the expedition up the Penobscot river, on which occasion the towns of Castine, Hamden, and Bangor fell into our possession, and the United States’ corvette Adams (formerly a 32-gun frigate), a brig pierced for eighteen guns, a large privateer, and eight merchant vessels were destroyed by the enemy. He served under the same officer in the action which led to the capture of the American frigate President, in Jan. 1815; and was second lieutenant of the Impregnable 104, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral (now Sir David) Milne, at the battle of Algiers, in Aug. 1816. His commission as commander bears date May 27th, 1825.

This officer married, in 1822, Fanny, daughter of J. Hedges, Esq., of Wallingford.